• Communication and Cooperation

The ISZ maintains contacts with international shadow and puppet theatres. Inquiries are answered daily, performances are arranged, and new contacts are made.

  • Research and Documentation

The ISZ collects information about shadow theatre worldwide. The first four bilinugal volumes of the "Schattentheater" book series that have been published to date are considered standard works. LINK TO LITERATURE SELECTION

  • Archive

The ISZ archive contains an extensive collection of shadow figures, production designs, original drawings, publications, photos, slides, playbills, posters, press reviews, textbooks, and film and sound carriers.

The figure collection was made possible by the initiator Rainer Reusch. The basis consisted of about 400 figures given to Reusch by shadow theatre players from all over the world. In addition, came 700 shadow figures from the Hamburg collector Günter Spitzing. Some of these figures can currently be seen in the current temporary exhibition. The collection is constantly being expanded. Fo example, whe bernese puppet theatre Demenga donated two complete productions including "The Fourth King" by Ezard Schaper, while the bavarian Puppet Players recently presented the archive with their productions of the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten" and "Josa with the magic fiddle".

In the archive, care is taken to ensure that the more than 1200 shadow figures are "appropriately kept". The room temperature is constantly 20 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is 55 per cent. These conditions offer optimal conditions for the shadow figures, often made of parchment, leather or cardboard.